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ents: -- The Wuhan-based Tongji Hospital affiliated to the Huazhong University of Science and Technology will provide 800 beds for severe cases of novel coronavirus infection. -- The possibility of the novel coronavirus transmission by contaminating agricult

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vegetables, meats and fruits, via droplets and contact transmission is low, said an expert with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. -- China's central bank will issue loans totaling 300 billion yuan (about 43 billion U.S. dollars) to poli

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s via its re-lending program Monday as part of measures to finance the control of the novel coronavirus outbreak. -- The National Development and Reform Commission has unveiled policies to aid small and micro firms to keep enough liquidity to tide over the e

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nce. Capital raised via corporate bonds is allowed to pay back or swap project loans used for the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus outbreak. -- Wuhan authorities will use two days to finish testing all suspected cases of novel coronavirus infe

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an is the epicenter of the virus outbreak in central China's Hubei Province. -- Hubei authorities have issued 17 favorable policies to support the battle against the epidemic, including tax reductions, subsidies for medical staff working on the front lines and staff working overtim

e in medical manufacturing companies, vegetable growing companies, cooperatives, farmers, supermarkets and rural markets. -- Authorities on Sunday started to disinfect the city of Wuhan twice a day to beef up efforts in contai

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